Product Features 

Kyanite’s products include fabrics, shoe upper, labels, and webbing. Compared to tradition textiles, Kyanite’s products are not only more eco-friendly, but are also kaleidoscopic. Even when we produce gradient colors, weaving and dyeing can still proceed at the same time. Gradient colors can be an unique design on the textile product, it is also an anti-counterfeit feature. One-step dyeing & weaving technique is only achieved by Kyanite in the market.



During the manufacturing process, color variation is shown on the warp yarns. Kyanite’s products adopt waterless recycled polyester yarns and exclusive technology, needed colors are dyed on the warp yarns while weaving is going on at the same time. In this way, eco-friendly waterless dying and recyclability are both achieved.


Different from heat sublimation which prints the colors and designs on fabrics, Kyanite’s products are waterless dyed on yarns then weave them into fabrics. Comparing the two techniques, Kyanite can present 3D embossments through different weaving methods, this characteristic is what heat sublimation cannot do on flat surface.


Kyanite’s technology breaks the color quantity limit of traditional dyeing. Our products not only show colorful variations, even rainbow colors and gradient colors are achievable. The most exceptional specialty is that the color alternation is present on each dyed yarn, instead of printing on the fabric surface.


Kyanite’s textile products are competitive and exclusive in the market due to our multiple features such as polychrome, embossments, and eco-friendly.
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